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7 years education side takes summary

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Time is the compositive material of life, also be time improves growing process of the person. It is only between this a very short time, what humanness division experiences in the form of my teacher from oneself is divine; It is only between this a very short time, I learn the glory of humanness division from inside my teacher words and deeds; It is only between this a very short time, I learn the responsibility of humanness division from inside my teacher style of conversation. On this growing journey of a new year, I should thank you, respected and beloved Mr. XX.

Regard Chinese education field as a medium young teacher, the management of the practice that I lack education of high school Chinese and classroom education is carried out. Every time after oneself listen to Mr. X to finish lesson of a Chinese, I do it exclaim, why is the teacher's class OK go up so by superb? Chinese education becomes a kind of art already, and pedagogic part is the artist's figure already. The classroom art of Mr. X makes me right teacher redefine of this one profession, let me to the teacher this one profession had more understanding, more let me to the teacher this one profession had more passion.

The source that grow, benefit other people is silent. When the teacher is not had to the student's influence, do not have, nowhere is absent. Plan to be designed to education from education, arrive from teaching method education train of thought, from knowledge the dot holds ability to apply, I can learn from the classroom of Mr. X not only, and appreciate in can daily after the class life. Encounter difficult problem when me 100 think of do not get its to solve, taking book to go to the side of him, again busy Mr. X also can stop, solve to me. When the difficult problem in coaching we solve education, mr. X also pays attention to regular method: Listen to our idea first, again be good at teaching, how-to ourselves goes seeking the means that difficult problem solves. From Mr. X in the form of that plod, I see the with one one's heart of humanness division and duty, more him such fulfilling one's duty use up the spirit of course of study is written down deeply in the heart, fall in everyday in teaching job.

The source that grow, lustre flow not extremely. Mr. X is enthusiastic and stick-to-itive person, he affects the everyone beside with his words and deeds, it is the youth that job of how-to my this education just started more, learn the means method of humanness division. To the student, want to pay close attention to the result that they obtain in study not only, should pay close attention to a student more the mood in learning a process and mentation, the appropriate and accurate moral education that does good student works. It is too much and worth while to have on Mr. X body we the advantage of these posterity study, give me impression the deepest is him young to us teacher grows in individual accomplishment and individual major the guidance that waits for many sided. Arrive from the conception of education paper language of style or manner of writing paragraph administrative levels, from the exercise calligraphy arrives recite reading, drill to writing from outside reading pen, mr. X gave me very big guidance and very good proposal. The job up to now, my dribs and drabs that grow cannot leave the guidance of Mr. X and help.
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