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" the fundamentality of inequality is qualitative " draft saying a tax

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Treasure Chi area learns Yuan Jinxia in 3 fork in a road
Each each leader of respect, teacher: Good in the morning!
I tell " the fundamentality of inequality is qualitative " one class, it is 6 grade issue person teaching edition the first of the 6th chapter, the knowledge of this section class is the pupil learns a yuan smoothly later inequality and the theoretical foundation of a yuan of concerned content of inequality group, rise to lay a foundation importantly action. The target of this section class is to master 3 fundamentality of inequality to pledge, apply the main character of inequality to be out of shape inequality. Experience simple to inequality fundamentality dug procedure, initial experience " analogy " , " classify " mathematical thought, experience maths to ponder over the consecution sex of the process, expand thinking ability and language expression capacity, accumulate the experience that solves a problem and method, form a few basic strategy that solve a problem, development applies consciousness, in mathematical activity the experience succeeds. 3 fundamentality that education key is exploration inequality pledge and can apply them correctly to be out of shape inequality, education difficulty is inequality fundamentality pledges of 3 apply.
Basis " mathematical courses standard " requirement, the characteristic of teaching material and student, I was adopted " activate circumstances -- dug knows newly -- application is carried out -- summary is evaluated " mode of 4 link education. Particular education procedure is as follows:
One, activate circumstances, guide new tax
Attend class beginning, the fundamentality that I chose equality above all is qualitative this old know berth to nod, lose no time again those who capture new old knowledge cut a point, make the student entered a kind " the heart is begged connect and did not get, buccal desire character and fail " state, make they are full of interest walk into mathematical wonderful view.
2, analogy guesses, dug knows newly
Above all guess the jumping-off place that serves as education, guide a student to be guessed by two main character of equality inequality should have what kind of main character, the thinking of active student. Remand the active advantageous position of study thoroughly then student, the student is in own exploration, collaboration communication dug rule, test and verify guesses. Their each express already saw, mutual comment, mutual clew, complement each other, amend each other, conclude finally. Let what they experience property personally fashion a process, stressed education focal point already, reflected again " the experience in be being participated in, develop in the activity " brand-new concept. The teacher becomes them to learn mobile organizer, guide, co-worker, it is them the listen auditor of real heart world, the promoter of development, grow bring passerby, let them be in the harmonious atmosphere of mutual equality, speak out freely of in spirits enjoy " do " the maths that come out.
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