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" binary simple equation " teaching plan

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[education target]

[intellectual target] the concerned concept such as group of simple equation of understanding n duality, binary simple equation and its solution, can judging a group of number is the solution of group of a certain binary simple equation.

[ability target] through discuss and practicing, the observation that trains a student further, quite, analytic ability.

[feeling goal] the analysis that carries pair of real problems, making the student experiences equation further is the effective maths model of depict reality world, foster the student's good mathematical application consciousness.

[key] the meaning of group of binary simple equation

[difficulty] the solution that judging a group of number is group of a certain binary simple equation, foster the student's good mathematical application consciousness.

[education process]

One, introduce, objective is umbriferous

1, master: Breathe out in stretch to the horizon on Lun Beier llano, an old ox and a pony are carrying wrap up on the back to walking demandingly, old ox is panting to say demandingly: "Tired dead I " , the pony says: "You are tired still, so big, just carry 2 on the back more than me " old ox gas says nevertheless: "Hum, I take from your back, my wrap up is 2 times of yours! " , the pony is innocent and do not believe the ground to say: "True? ! " classmates, you whether help a pony solve a problem with mathematical knowledge?

2, ask every study panel discussion (discuss 2 minutes, make a speech next)

Because this problem involves two carries wrap up on the back unknown number of old ox and pony, we set old ox to carry X on the back wrap up, the pony carries Y on the back wrap up, the wrap up number of old ox is more than the pony 2, get equation X-y=2 from this, if old ox takes a package on horseback as a child, often lapping arrogantly at this moment is 2 times of the pony, get equation: X 1=2(y-1)

Master: Classmates can discover with the method of equation, solve a problem this is very good, does place list equation to a few unknown numbers there are above? Contain unknown number how much is the frequency? (contain two unknown number, and what contain unknown number the frequency is 1)

Master: Contain two unknown number, and contain unknown number the frequency is the equation of 1 is called binary simple equation

Attention: This definition has two places to want to notice ① , contain two unknown number, the ② , number that contains unknown number is

Exercise: (umbriferous)

What following equation has is binary simple equation

2y=1 Xy X=1 3x- =5 X2-2=3x

Xy=1 2x(y 1)=c 2x-y=1 X Y=0

2, discuss,

Master: The X-y=2 in the equation above, is the X meaning of X 1=2(y-1) identical? Where is Y?

Master: Part as a result of the meaning of X, Y identical, satisfy X-y=2 and X 1=2(y-1) at the same time surely consequently, we establish these two equation with big bracket couplet rise, write into
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